Daniel Oman

Acoustic Guitar Compositions


"Open Sky" – Modern Guitar Compositions

Open Sky is a collection of 9 wonderful original compositions for Solo Guitar, written by Daniel Oman.

The tunes are written in standard notation and tablature, with a special version in traditional notation only for the classical player, who is used to play without Tabs.
More than 70 Online-Videos (with a total duration of more than over 3 hours) present the compositions and will help you go through all details in a slow tempo, with a close-up view of the right and left hand. Playing Level: medium / advanced

Available as printed book, ebook (complete edition and single edition) and video course.

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Idea for this book and compositions by Daniel Oman. Book layout & design by kick-image.at. Cover photo by Punnarong, istockphoto.com.
Published 2022 and distributed by songbooks.info - © 2022 by Daniel Oman, www.danieloman.com



new edition 2021

The Magic Lantern is a collection of 8 original compositions for classical guitar.
The pieces are written in notation and tablature and are published by Musikverlag Acoustica in a beautiful book. You can order them directly at Musikverlag Acoustica in Germany or at Amazon.


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Musikverlag Acoustica
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